Shopping for Pink

My mom starts her first chemotherapy treatment tomorrow, so I’ve been shopping for pink. There’s quite a bit of stuff out there.

Pretty jewelry for the daughters.
Pretty leash for the dog.
They even have golfballs!
Pretty golfballs for the husbands.
Pretty cookie cutters for the family.
And a pretty sweet necklace for the mom.

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  • I think it’s a great thing that the money is going to breast cancer and I support the cause.. but I find a lot of the stuff are throwaway items, except for that awesome necklace in your post.

    If people aren’t into buying stuff like that (like me), then just donate the money instead of buying something of such poor quality for the price — it’s what I’ve been doing since my family members started getting cancer left and right.

  • I wish your mom the best. I lost mine to breast cancer in 2000, it was really hard. Thankfully the prognosis is much better now because of all the research that has been put into it thanks to these pink products and the Susan G. Koman foundation.

    One of the things that my mom really enjoyed during chemo was just having us kids there playing games with her while she went through the treatment. Our favorite at the time was Trivial Pursuit. =)

    That last necklace is awesome. You definitely should get that for her.

  • Well, I didn’t actually purchase these items, I was just showcasing what kind of stuff was out there were to support BC. I agree, most of them are throwaway items.