Girl's Weekend

This weekend I am off to Blacksburg, VA. Approximately once a season my old friends and I get together. It’s always like a grown-up sleepover: drinks, shopping, and lots of laughter. It is also the last weekend of the month, so my money is slowly draining from my account as I am in desperate need of a paycheck. I must not spend more than $80.

Weekend Budget:
$20 gas (splitting it with A)
$60 for the rest: drinks, dinner, going out

Other news:
-My new roommate moves in this weekend.
-I have a new babysitting family lined up. Approx. $100 extra per month!
-We got cable installed on Wednesday and it’s fabulous.
-It’s suppose to get up to almost 90-degrees this weekend!
-This week was so long at work, but equally as productive and rewarding.
-I have the sweetest boyfriend ever.

Have a great weekend y’all.

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  • It definitely got up to 90! Hope you weren’t too uncomfortable on your trip—crazy times.

    Also, good luck with the new roommate…