In Need of a Paycheck

spring-2009-084This weekend I spent:
-Pedicure: $26
-Restaurant: $25
-Smoothie: $4.50
-Gas: $15
-Snacks: $8
-Ice Cream: $2.50

Total = $81
Over by a dollar. I can live with that.

I have literally $18 left in my April budget. Yipes! Stupid once-a-month paychecks. That will cover enough for gas (still have half a tank) and maybe a small trip to the store to pick up some fruit and vegetables. I have some frozen foods I can eat and we certainly could use the freezer space.

My new roommate D moved in this weekend. It will take some getting used to another body in my small apartment, especially since A and I are are so in sync after years of living together.

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