April's Net Worth: +$1K

Looks like an excellent April with an increase of $1,143! It’s so encouraging to see such a large increase! I mean, granted last month I saw a jump of $2,000 but that was from a lot of tax refund help.

Cash: $682.59 (+193)
I always keep the amount of rent needed in my checking account just in case something happens and I cannot get to my EF fast enough (it’s with another interest-earning bank account). This also includes my “Car Savings.” I borrowed from myself last month to front the bridal shower. That’s what the increase is doing in this account.

Emergency Savings: $1,000 (no change)
This does earn 2% interest each month, but I send those few dollars to the Wedding Fund at the end of the month. I’ll focus on saving more in here later.

Christmas: $138 (+$30)
I’m doing fairly well with regularly saving $30 towards Christmas. I thought about possibly buying some gifts for Christmas (I also have three good friends’ birthdays in December), but I think I’ll hold off on that.

Wedding: $1,956 (+$262)
I gave my usual $100 per month out of my salary and the rest was good ol’ babysitting money. I absolutely love babysitting! The families I babysit for are so low maintenance it makes such an easy way to earn money each month. Right now I have five evenings lined up in May. Woohoo!

401(k): $1,241 (+$158)
Thank goodness for better markets! I am really excited about seeing this number increase in the next few months now that I am contributing my extra 5% starting June. It will be something I rarely look at, except during Net Worth times, but that extra money will certainly add up.

Car: $1,500
I do not intend on selling my old beater anytime soon, but I added it to my worth just for good measure.

Parents Loan: -$7450 (+$500)
This was my first big check sent to my parents and I think they were surprised and impressed with the amount. They should go ahead and get used to it. ;)

Credit Card: Big fat $0!
I usually use this just for emergencies or if there’s some kind of rewards deal or something. I also applied to open an Amazon Rewards card but have not been accepted yet. We shall see.


Inching my way up to $0! More on the budget details tomorrow. Oooh how I adore the end of the month!!

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