May Goals & Budget

You know what time of the month it is: Goals & Budget time baby! I promise the goals and budgets will cease for a while after this entry.

May Goals:
1. Get AC fixed in my car. I am going to budget $90 for this.
2. Workout three times a week, or 12 times total.
3. Save $150 + any extra income to Wedding.
4. Pay off $650 to debt.
5. Increase net worth by $1000.
6. Attain $0 net worth (will do if #5 is met)
7. Do at least three things on my Warm Weather Goals

May Budget:
Groceries/Dining: $200 (combining the two)
Gas: $120
Auto Expenses: $90
Clothing/Accessories: $50
Personal Care: $60 (need a haircut!)
Home Maintenance: $15
Gifts: $80
Travel: $10
Entertainment: $20
Debt: $650
Savings: $225
–$30 to Christmas Fund
–$25 to Car Emergency Fund
–$150 to Wedding Fund (This includes $100 normal amount +$50 from D’s rent.)

May Plans:
Here are some things that may alter my spending:
–I need a haircut
–Getting AC in car fixed
–Cable will be included into my budget this month
–Bills will be split between three roommates
–Gifts: Mother’s day, J’s birthday in June
–May 9-10: Mother’s Day trip home
–May 30-June 1: Memorial Day trip to visit J

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  • Good luck with your May goals. I’ve tagged you in a meme (see my post ‘A bit about me…’ for details :)