Recap: April Goals & Budget

April Goals:

Go to the gym 3 times a week
I am embarrassed to say I went only six times this past month…*hangs head* Why is this so difficult for me?

No shopping until Easter
I did it! There were a few moments when I just didn’t think I had it in me, but I am happy to report that Lent’s discipline certainly helped me save a bunch of moolah this month and last. Scooooore!

Make at least $100 in extra income
…and then some! I made a total of $160 from babysitting. All of that was included in my Wedding Fund.

Update my resume and portfolio
Done! It’s amazing to see all of the projects that I’ve worked on in the past few months. Oddly I feel more secure about my career after organizing this information.

Rearrange apartment for new roommate
Also accomplished. It’s a little crammed, but I think that our arrangement will work. The three of us have different schedules so it works all pretty well. My only complaint yet is running out of coffee each morning… but I know how to make more. ;)

Stay within budget on dining out
I have $2.31 left in my dining budget for April. This is the first time in a long time that I did not spend that much on food. I was also under budget in groceries too. How strange!

Send a care package to my mom
I got my mom some pink gardening gloves, some candy, and cute notes of encouragement.

April Budget:

1. Gas: I traveled three of the four weekends.
Goal: $120 | Spent: $128.73 (+$8.73)

2. Clothing/Accessories: Got a little too excited after giving it up for Lent. I’m going to take back a dress though but haven’t gotten around to do it.
Goal: $50 | Spent: $80.58 (+30.58)

3. Gifts: Holy April was this an expensive gift-giving month! My sister actually owes me $116, but since she lost her job I told her she could wait to pay me back on this.
Goal: $175 | Spent: $350.66 (+$175.66)

Under Budget:
I was under budget on the rest of the items. This is the amount I had left in each category:

  • Groceries: $51
  • Dining: $2.31
  • Home Maintenance: $1.56
  • Travel: $15
  • Entertainment: $5.01

Overall pretty pleased with the budget. This site is starting to look like Christmas. Now, goodbye April and on to May: I’m determined it’s going to be great.

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