Shopping Spree

I find it interesting how I can just go and blow away my budget the first weekend I get a paycheck. I act like I don’t even have a budget. I went to an outlet mall and spent almost $100. And it’s only May 4th. Not a very good beginning to the month.

With that said, I did get some awfully good deals. And I had a $20 gift card to Banana Republic. Plus there’s something to be said about buying things that you KNOW will get a lot of use out of them. I tried to find pictures for each of these, but since they were outlet items on sale I could only find a few similar pictures.

Dress: $34.55
It is a comfortable, but fancy dress with brown polka dots and very flattering. I bought this Saturday morning and ended up wearing it to a wedding that evening. I will also probably wear it to another wedding I have later in the summer (no one would know I even wore it before). Originally $79.skirt

Pleated Skirt: $17.71
I love wearing dresses and skirts during the summer. I’m always trying to find skirts that I can wear comfortably to work.This khaki skirt is kind of a simple, but has just a few pleats in the front and hits right above the knee which is good for short 5-3″ gals like me. Originally $39.99.

Leather Clutch: $17.89banana-republic
Okay, this may be my one item that will not get that much use. But it was just so cute and such a good deal. It’s brown, leather and big enough to fit your camera, phone, and a thin wallet for a night on the town. Scooore. Originally $109.

Shirt: $7.97
This is a green short-sleeved shirt with flowery details around a square neckline. Would be appropriate for work and also cute enough to wear outside of work. Originally $14.99.

Two Camisoles: $14.98 together
There was a 50% sale on camisoles at Gap Outlet, so I bought a white and black one. Originally $14.98 each.

jcrewHeadband: $8.06
I love wearing feminine things. I saw this headband at J. Crew. It will be good to wear to A’s bridal brunch, or maybe for a date… although J would surely make fun of the huge flower in my hair the entire time. ;) Originally $16.99.

I know, I sound pathetic trying to justify my purchases.
New goal for May: Don’t spend any more money on frivolous things!

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  • Interestingly enough I also went on a shopping spree this weekend. I bought two beautiful maxi dresses. I only wanted to buy one, and I only wanted to spend $40. I ended up spending $100 on the two. Ack!