Apartment Negotiations

AH-HA! I knew it. I knew this apartment was too expensive. I saw online that my two-bedroom $1350/month apartment was going for $1295 online. I don’t think so, Landlord.

I saw that PF pal Saving Cents in the City recently negotiated her monthly rate down and I’m thinking I can do the same. Perhaps I could even get a lower rate than what’s advertised by threatening to leave. Dare I?! He doesn’t want to go through all the mess of having to find a new tenant. Believe me, I have been an angel: Rent paid on time. Minimal utility use. Immaculately clean. Adorable decorations. I even lined the outdoor porch with flowers. (<–See? Angelic.)

There’s no doubt I will contact him about this. The only thing I am curious about is when. And how. My apartment lease runs out at the end of July. Old roommate A will be leaving in June (*tears*) and new roommate D will move out of the former spacious living room and into the big bedroom for the next year. Should I contact him now, three months before I resign? Next month? Wait to hear from him about possibly renewing the lease? Do I contact him by email or by phone? Should I go ahead and grab the apartment across the hall advertised online?!? (Nah, wouldn’t do that).

But seriously–any thoughts would be appreciated!

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  • Three months is maybe a little soon. I’d do around two months before your lease is up. Just call and ask for it.

    You have two strategies. One is the money is tight strategy, the other is the threat to walk because you’ve seen better deals elsewhere. Sell yourself as a good tenant.

    You won’t get it if you don’t ask!

  • I did bring it up, but unfortunately by the time I did he had raised that $1295 to $1325. :-/ I suggest doing it sooner rather than later. Plus it gives you more time to look for somewhere else–something I kinda wish I had done. Oh well! C’est la vie!