Weekend Recap

I’m a bit late in updating this week, but yesterday was very busy, which is a good thing.

My weekend was great and I only spent $11 on Food, $48 on gas, and $35 on a haircut plus styling cream. The hairdresser was late, so she gave me a discount on the haircut and threw in a bottle of Paul Mitchell’s curl-definer gel for me. It was a great Mother’s Day and I am so thankful I got to go home and spend time with the fam.

I had a six hour drive back to DC and was thinking a lot about my life up here. I decided that everywhere else I have moved from, I have been very excited about the new possibilities, but so devastatingly sad to leave close friends. I decided that I would not feel that way about this place and that should really change. I need to make close friends and invest my life here so that when I do move, it will be a sad occurrence because I have made such kindred spirits.

Oh, and the new roommate will be paying me rent this Friday on her payday. Yay.

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  • Yeah I have the same problem. I got the Paul Mitchell Round Trip Curl Definer for free, and used it on damp hair with the PM Super Skinny Serum (to calm down the frizz) and a little bit of generic mousse (Suave I think?). I sometimes use a diffuser, but find that it makes my hair kind of poofy, so I just air dry it. Normally I use Redkin’s Ringlet07.

    Good luck! I definitely know how difficult it is to tame frizzy/wavy hair!