New Fitness Challenge: Train for a Half Marathon

For almost a year I’ve been teetering with the idea of running a half marathon. My little sister ran one in February and wanted me to join, but I just wasn’t really in the mindset to train for it–and that’s definitely half the battle.

Well, I think I am finally mentally ready to train for one. I signed up last night for the Baltimore Half Marathon. Yipes! I’m definitely committed to putting all my energy into training. Especially with the pretty $78 price-tag attached to registration. Ouch. I have to pay to experience two plus hours of pain?

I have only run in a 5k race before, which is much different than a 13-miler. But the race isn’t until October 10th so I have plenty of time to train. A couple of guys I know are running the full marathon (no thank you!) so I think I will join them on the long runs.

With this unexpected monthly expense, I have taken this money out of some of the babysitting cash I am planning to get this month and will look at other ways to cut back (entertainment, dining out, or travel). There’s a possibility I could wait to get my car’s AC fixed until next month, but I’d really like to get that over with soon. D’s rent check will come in on Friday so that will give me much more security and I want to come up with a “last two weeks of the month” budget. Always a challenge.


So I’ve officially added a new goal for the year: Complete the Baltimore Half Marathon!

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