Link Love.

Work is very busy today, which is always a good thing for me. I hate being bored! Not much to update. So my back up option: Link Shout-Out!

Thanks to my top Referrers:

  1. Always the Planner
  2. Give Me Back My Five Bucks!
  3. Shoestring Alley
  4. Stacking Pennies
  5. TeacHer Finance (I realize I haven’t added you to my sidebar. My bad!)

And here are some random searches that led people to my site:

  1. How to Make a Five Year Plan
  2. Warm Weather Things to do
  3. Cherry Blossom Forest
  4. Planning My 2013 Wedding
  5. Paul Mitchell Roundtrip Reviews

Thanks to all who read this silly thing. Really, y’all are awesome.

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