Farewell May

The last few days of this month I’ll be up here for the weekend and taking it easy. Surprise surprise. :)

I’m very behind on my blog reads. Sorry friends. I think catching up sounds like a lovely Saturday morning task. After I run four miles. And ride my bike to the farmer’s market. And hit up some yard sales to look for a dresser. And make a delicious strawberry-banana smoothie. And scrub (I mean SCRUB) the entire apartment. Ok, so maybe it will be a Saturday afternoon task.

I have $10 in cash and am babysitting tonight, so I plan not to use my debit/credit card. If I do spend it on anything, it will probably be eating out. I rarely feel like cooking on the weekends.

I am thankful that I have to wait until Monday to get my paycheck. I have high hopes for June. Yes sir-ee. High hopes. I’m taking a weekend trip with A (last one before she gets hitched), a weekend trip with DC friends, beginning my hard-core half-marathon training, and saving money like it’s my daytime job.

It’s going to be awesome. :)

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