RECAP: May Goals & Budget

May Goals:
1. Get AC fixed in my car. I am going to budget $90 for this.
Check! It cost $78 and thankful is still working today. This is something I probably should have waited for though. This and the half marathon registration. But I don’t have central AC in my apartment and feel that arriving to work in a frazzled, sweaty state was just not something I wanted this summer.

2. Workout three times a week, or 12 times total.
FAIL. Yeah, same story as the rest of the months.

3. Save $150 + any extra income to Wedding.
Check! I contributed $185 to the wedding fund to bring it to $2145. I am going to take $145 out of this to start my Roth IRA this month though, so it may stay lingering at $2,000 for a while.

4. Pay off $650 to debt.
Check! Thank you new roommate! :)

5. Increase net worth by $1000.
FAIL. Ooooh just barely made this one. I had a net worth increase of $995. So close!

6. Attain $0 net worth (will do if #5 is met)
Yes & No. I am going to evaluate my net worth in a few days. I don’t think that I’m going to count my car ($1500) as an asset since I probably won’t be selling it anytime soon and it’s only depreciating daily.

7. Do at least three things on my Warm Weather Goals
Check! I went to the Eastern Market, visited J in the mountains, and had a picnic in a field with him. Score!

May Budget:
Groceries/Dining: $200 Over by $35
Gas: $120 Over by $25
Clothing/Accessories: $50 Over by $172. Holy guacamole.
Travel: $10 Over by $5
Healthcare: $0 Spent $78 on Half Marathon registration
Overbudget by: $313

Debt: $650 Check!
Savings: $225

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