Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Summer foods are my favorite–cool, refreshing and light. :) One of my favorite things to have for breakfast in the summer is a tasty smoothie. I vary up the flavors, depending on the types of fruit that is on sale, but below is my absolute favorite combination. It’s so simple, easy and tastes almost like a dessert.

Blend together:
1 cup of orange juice
1 banana
4-6 strawberries
2 cubes of ice
You can add a scoop of vanilla frozen yogurt or orange sherbet, but I usually don’t

Cost per Meal: $1.19
I also like calculating the cost-per-meal to help remind myself to make food instead of eating out. Assuming my ingredients afford five smoothies, the cost per meal is $1.19. Pretty good compared to Smoothie King’s $4.99!
Basket of Strawberries: $2.50
5 Bananas: $0.99
Orange Juice: $2.50
Total: $5.99

What is your favorite smoothie combination?

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  • I love peaches+yogurt+ice for a smoothie. The secret is adding a little bit of cinnamon. Then it tastes like a peach pie smoothie!