I want to get out of debt so badly.

Ohhh man. I’m having one of those mornings where all I can think about is becoming debt-free.

I want so much to be rid of it. I can hardly imagine what that will feel like to have $500/month back in my hands to save, invest, give! I am okay with my budget and allocated savings right now, so the only thing keeping me from becoming debt-free is time. If all goes on schedule, I will be debt free in one year. However, if I use next year’s tax refund, any monetary gifts, or raises, I could potentially be rid of it as early as March 2010. Still seems like a long time.

It’s so easy for me to say things like: “I wish I would get a raise!” and forget that I got one this past December. Or think, “I wish that I could just have a few hundred dollars extra a month!” and forget that my new roommate is paying me $400 for two month’s rent. Or think, “If only I didn’t have so many expenses!” and forget how much money I am saving by using my employee benefits. I need to remind myself of the little blessings that have come my way and be thankful. My debt is interest-free: I am thankful!

Slow and steady. Slow and steady. I’m confident I’ll get there eventually. :)

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  • I totally understand. It is sometimes so frustrating to me that it will be TWO YEARS based on my current rate of repayment before I’ll be free of my credit card debt – and then another two years on top of that for my student loans. I love that I’m seeing progress, but I just wish that it could all be magically erased.

    I like to remind myself that it took me 10 years in get into this mess, and hopefully it will only take me 4.5 to get out. That isn’t TOO bad.

  • Great post. I can’t wait to check back in a year and see that you totally annihilated that debt. It’s gonna be epic! And way to keep it in perceptive. Remember to be content with your current place in life, even if it is not your ideal place. I try to remind myself it’s okay to be content, not okay to be complacent.

  • Unfortunately, for those of us in debt trying to climb our way out, time is NOT on our side. Try having FIVE years to go!