Becoming Crafty

One of my goals this year I haven’t mentioned is to sew a quilt. The idea actually began when I bought a duvet a year ago. It was a great deal and sooo fluffy–the only hitch is that it’s soooo hot. I mean it is invented for 30-degree weather kind-of warm. So I want to sew a light quilt to use in the summer.

I was also inspired after following Posie Gets Cozy, a lovely little blog centered around creating beautiful things. I am naturally not very crafty, but it’s something I would love to improve on. I signed up for a quilting class held at a shop nearby this winter. The first day of class I learned that the quilt we were making is actually more of a lap quilt. Or a wall hanging. Plus, the fabrics weren’t really my style.

Once my roommate A moves out in three weeks, I think I will create a little spot in the living room for my sewing machine one alone-weekend and patch up something lovely for my bed. I need to finish shopping for fabric, but hopefully soon I’ll knock off the “sew a quilt” item on my 2009 goals!

Quilting Costs: So far $25 on fabric from Ikea. (I had no idea they sold that!)

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  • That sounds pretty great!

    I’ve recently started using all of my scrapbooking materials – I think it would be fun to start using that as a gift giving opportunity.

  • OMG, I have been trying to get crafty, too! Recently I made some really beautiful glass mosaic coasters and now I’m on a crafting kick. I actually just went to Michaels and bought some materials to make a wreath for my front door.

    Let me know how the quilting goes!

  • We have similiar goals. I totally forgot that IKEA has fabric. There fabric is really nice looking.

    Well, glad to have stumbled onto your blog. Look forward to seeing your quilt. :)

  • I recently did a quilt and so enjoyed it, I’m about to start another one!