We're Halfway There

Today is June 15th which means we are halfway through 2009. Whoooa baby! Where did this first half of the year go to?! Let’s see how well I’m doing so far on those goals, shall we?

Goal: Save $300 for Christmas by November 2009
Right on schedule. Should have $300 by October just in time for some early Christmas shopping!

Goal: Contribute $700 in Roth IRA
Completed 42% and I began this month. Will contribute at least $100 per month until December and far exceed my goal. Perhaps I should increase this goal.

Goal: Pay off two of my three student loans
Done and done. One of my greatest moments this year was receiving a letter that read: “Your loans have been paid in full.” Yeeeeeyah!

Goal: Pay off $4000 of the $8000 I owe my parents
42% completed. I still have $2300 left to pay to reach this goal, but with $500 per month, I should reach this by November.

Goal: Make an additional $80 per month
So far so good! I have made an average of $137 per month. I’d love to increase this number to $200 average per month though.

Goal: Have a $0 net worth by January 2010
Right on schedule. Will hopefully achieve this in one-to-two months.

Goal: Make $2009 in extra income
Eh, not the best. I have made $825 in extra income. I’ll keep looking for opportunities to make some extra cash…

Goal: Sew a quilt!
I went to a quilting class and made a little lap quilt, but I’d like to make one for my bed and this should be done by August.

Goal: Complete the Baltimore Half Marathon
Ehh. So so! I’m way off schedule but I’ve already paid the $78 so I’m definitely committed.

Goal: Lose 10 pounds by July 11th
Lost 3 pounds. Not good at all! I have less than one month! YIKES!!!

Goal: Get a promotion or raise this year
Neither yet. Obviously this isn’t something I have immediate control over, but I am making a conscious effort to be a diligent and dutiful employee. If either happens, it will probably be in December for my performance review.

Goal: Grow a garden
I probably should get on this! I have little space to grow one, but I want to at least have one tomato plant that I can put in a pot. Will work on this… is it too late?

I am on schedule for most of these 2009 goals. I am so thankful that I set goals that were attainable, but also a bit of a challenge so that it actually requires a lot of discipline and effort. It will be exciting to look back on these goals in December and see how far I’ve come. Happy half-year! :)

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  • Thanks for the personal reminder that I should be reviewing my own goals… The last few months i’ve just been throwing money into different accounts trying to find a balance. I don’t think I’m 100% there yet, but definatly on my way.

    Come the end of December, I hope we have both met our goals with great success!

  • Some one taught me, “What matters most is do you have a dream – a big ambitious dream that moves you out of your comfort zone. ”

    Bravo! You are a such big dreamer. I admire your winner’s atitude.

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    Good luck to you.

  • Good job on the goals, but don’t jump the gun yet! June 15th is only halfway through the year if the year is only 11 months long! We’ve got until July 2nd before the halfway point is upon us! ;-)

  • WOW! Your list of goals is impressive, but what you have accomplished so far is even more impressive! Great work! Keep it up! ;)