My $38 Weekend

Seven friends
+ $20 gas for the boat
+ $10 gas for the drivers
+ $8 hospitality gift for the lake house owners
+ sunshine & perfect weather
+ tasty margaritas
+ free breakfast, lunch, and bbq dinner
+ precious new puppy
+ playing cranium, apples-to-apples, and cards
+ water skiing, wake boarding & tubing
+ two birthday cakes
= best summer weekend for $38


Achoooo! I usually like to update every day, but I have been sick after my super fun weekend. Colds in the summer are just the worst things ever. My new roommate needs to pay me rent and babysitting jobs have been canceled, so I’m just barely making it on my budget this month. Oh well. I won’t worry about it. I’ll just have many boring no-spend days the rest of this month!

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