Summertime Apathy

I haven’t been doing very well on my budget at all this month. I thought I would be okay with buying the netbook and taking trips and buying gifts and going out with friends, but it turns out I didn’t make as much as I thought I would in extra income, and, well, June’s turned out to be the worst money month of this year. At least that’s what it looks like when I crunch the end-of-month numbers. Oh well! I don’t regret doing any of those things, but I am a little bummed that my net worth isn’t growing as fast as I predicted.

It will be another expensive few weeks with friends in town for the Fourth and traveling for A’s wedding, plus I have only one babysitting job lined up for all of July. I’m kind of torn because I know I should care and be really upset–and part of me is–but the other part is a little apathetic. Perhaps I should be a little better at anticipating the upcoming month and plan my budget accordingly so I’m not completely devastated when I’m way over. You’ll see what I mean when I post my embarrassing June results soon.

Anyway, payday is tomorrow, this is a four-day week, and I am thankful. :)

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