July Goals & Budget

I’m going to aim low this month because I know it will be an expensive month and I don’t really want to have that horrible feeling afterwards. I also know that August through December I will have a set weekly babysitting job ($45 per week) and my trips/summer plans will calm down a bit after this month. So here are the goals & budgets for the month.


  • Pay $500 to debt.
  • Save $100 to Roth IRA
  • Contribute any extra income towards the Christmas Fund
  • Follow running schedule: three times a week minimum
  • Start a sports league in DC
  • Accomplish three things off my Warm Weather Goals
  • Increase net worth by $600
  • Have an awesome time at A’s wedding!

July 1st: $2360

Rent: $660
Debt/Savings: $600
Tithe: $200
Bills/Utilities: $202
Credit Card: $185
The Rest: $513

  • Gas: $120
  • Food: $225
  • Personal Care: $30 (mani/pedi @ wedding)
  • Misc: $138

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