RECAP: June Goals & Budget


Make $150 in extra income
CHECK! I made $165 this month, which was helpful but not quite enough.

Stick to training schedule/Run three times a week.
FAIL. I was sick the second week and therefore did not workout at all. Training is going okay. After A’s wedding in a week I’ll start H-Core style.

Pay $650 to debt
FAIL. I’m so bummed about this one. I had $200 from D’s rent but that went to cover gifts and the netbook I purchased. I only paid $500 to debt. Still good, but not what I was hoping for this month.

Save $205:
  • $100 Roth IRA–CHECK! I paid $100 plus transfered $195 from Wedding Fund.
  • $30 Christmas–CHECK!
  • $25 Car–CHECK! Used this on an oil change though.
  • $50 Wedding–FAIL, but it was put into the Roth
Increase net worth by $1000
FAIL. Yeah, I only increased by $499. More on net worth later.
Start sewing a quilt (budget:$50)
EH? I bought the fabric. Does that count?

Find a running partner or a running group
FAIL. But I did go running with some friends so that should count for something.

Do three things on my Warm Weather Goals
CHECK! Of course I would accomplish the fun stuff. I went to Jazz in the Garden, bought and painted a dresser, and ate my favorite ice cream: Key Lime Pie. Mmmmm.


Discretionary Expenses: $550
Gas: $120 Under by $14
Food: $225 Over by $40
Gifts: $100 Over by $213 (dannnng)
Hobbies: $50 Over by $25
Misc: $55 Over by A LOT. Try $185.

YIKES! This month did not look good. My car was towed, I bought the netbook, I bought some work pants, I spent some mooah on friends… let’s just say I am glad to start fresh in a new month. I have $185 to pay on my credit card and I absolutely hate starting a new month like that.

Oh well! New day, new month, new budget. Let’s hope July is better. *crosses fingers*

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