I'm back!

What a lovely little vacation I had! I had guests come to visit for the Fourth of July and then traveled for a lovely weekend for my best friend’s wedding. I’m torn between being really sad it’s all over and slightly relieved to be back in my routine and allow for some much-needed R&R. Even though I was on “vacation,” I can’t say I did a lot of relaxing.

One huge challenge of hosting guests and traveling are the unexpected costs that creep up. I need to finish crunching the numbers, but I think considering all that I did, there wasn’t anything I went over on–except for maybe gas. The only thing truly unexpected was to get my car inspected, which I completely forgot about until my dad kindly reminded me. That only cost me $13 though. Cheap!

Right now in my bank account I have $260 left for the rest of this month. I’ve paid all of my bills except for two that come at the end of the month–approximately $70 total which my roommate will split with me. I also have to purchase a birthday present for my mom, travel home the last weekend, mail some packages, and may also sign up for an 8k run to help with my training. I have only one babysitting job and should get about $60 for that.

I feel like this Monday is the first day of a brand new six months. I plan to review my goals, make some new ones, and figure out how exactly to meet them. Time to get to work… literally. ;)

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  • Welcome back! I just got back today as well. =)

    Getting back in the swing of things after the routine has been disrupted is always challenging. I’ve spend the last 3 hours just catching up on all my internetting since I have been disconnected from the world for the past 3 weeks – which is nice, but I had about 300 emails to go through and somehow my mail for that time has gone missing. =)

    How is the training going?

    It is a great idea to start today planning for the second half of the year, but I’d be content at this point to simply put together all of my photos from my vacation and nail down what happened financially in June and the first half of July.