Weekly Spending Report – July 13-16

Happy Friday! On Monday I reported that I had $260 left in my budget. Here’s where I stand today:

Money Log:
-$20.08 gasoline
-$30.43 wedding gift
-$11.79 stamps + bday card
-$10.16 groceries for lunch
-$25 to pause gym membership*
-$90.10 running shoes**

+$55 babysitting
+$10.59 returned tank top @ Target (Well done, Self.)

Friday Balance: $138.03***

Running Log:
Monday – 4 miles
Tuesday – 2-mile sprint
Wednesday – rest :)
Thursday – one-ish?**

*I am pausing my gym membership until it gets colder and after the Half Marathon in October. I haven’t been in a month because I run outside. I have to pay $25 to pause it, but it will save me $30 per month, beginning in August.

**I desperately needed some new running shoes. Thursday’s run didn’t happen because I ran one mile and had to stop because of the blisters on my feet. I bought my new tennis shoes from a running-only store and got 15% off.

***Two weeks to live on $138.03?! Hm. This should get interesting.

Have a great weekend, y’all! :)

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