Weekend Spending Report: July 17-19

Money Log:
Starting Balance: $138.08

-$8.75 movie ticket for Harry Potter
-$8 dinner
-$15.24 groceries

+$60 babysitting
+120 extra income (-$120 to E-fund)

Ending Balance: $166.09

Friday — 4 miles
Saturday — 3.8 miles
Sunday — rest

From now on, I plan to report my weekly expenses every Friday and Monday. I’m aware that people probably do not care about the tiny details of my life, but this exercise is more for my personal accountability. I have been a little apathetic and careless lately–especially with my race training. If I know I have to announce to the world the little purchases I make, then perhaps I may be more conscious of them. I have two more weeks and one weekend to live on $166.09 until payday–including two bills due this week. Yikes!

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  • Great work on the running!

    I FINALLY got myself outside for the first time since like February and managed an impressive…. ONE MILE!

    But it is a start I guess. =)

    I did however spend like 2 hours reading a training book, so that’s something, right? ;)

  • I think that it’s your blog – so if reporting 2x a week is what works for you – then it’s what should happen :D

  • Ummm YES! But I confess I am a huge Harry Potter muggle–er, I mean–fan. I’ve read all the books and I think that this one was true to the the 6th one, but also entertaining enough that if you haven’t read it you could follow along and enjoy. You should definitely see it, and in the theater if possible. Saving tip? Go to a matinee. That’s what I did. ;)