I’m Signing a Six-Month Lease

I was on the fence about signing a six or twelve week lease for my apartment. I chose six months. Here’s why:

  • My job is fairly secure, but I have been itching for something new. Plus, it’s not my dream job and I am hopeful that the economy will begin to improve and that I can find something better and more challenging in the next year. I’ll outline my dream job in a future post. ;)
  • My boyfriend graduates from undergrad in December. He’s talked about going to grad school, and I’d like to move closer to him if that’s the case. Or he may move up here. Either way, I don’t really want to go another year without living in the same town. January may not be that date to move, but then again maybe it will be!
  • I found three other apartments in my neighborhood that are $300 less per month. Note to self: Stop thinking of that.
  • It will not affect my budget any since the price is what I’ve been paying this past year.
  • My mom has breast cancer. She’s doing well so far with her treatments, but in case something happened in the next few months I’d like to have the option to move closer.
  • My roommate wanted it also. This apartment is not the most convenient for her to get to work, so she may want to find a closer apartment in six months

So! I will continue to pay my $660 for the next six months, update my resume, and beef up my Emergency Fund in case my life changes and I have to move. Since I like to plan my life years in advance, it’s hard not knowing what will happen. But I think signing for six months gives me flexibility and allows me to make changes if I feel that’s what is best. We shall see!

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  • did your landlord give you the option of a 6 month lease? My lease comes up in October (I have signed 3, year long leases) and I would like to go month to month or sign something like a 3 month or 6 month in case things change.

    How did you get a 6 month?

  • Jessie, since you’ve lived there so long you might consider asking. My apartment complex only signs 1 year leases, but when I asked if I could EXTEND my lease by 8 months they had no problem with that, even though it wasn’t a full year.

    Some complexes will only do shorter leases with higher rates. For instance, the place I lived at before it was like $1300/month for 12 month lease, $1350/month for a 6 month lease or $1375/month for a month-to-month. (This was for a 2bd room, 2 bath in San Diego, and was considered CHEAP)

    Every place is different, so you’ll just have to ask the management.

  • At first it was only a resigning for a lease conversation, but I went ahead and asked if I could get a six-month. I think come January when I have the possibility I am going to ask for a month-to-month option if it’s available.

    I suggest asking. Since you’ve been there three years the least they could do is honor your commitment. Believe me, a landlord would rather not go out and find new tenants, go through application processes and worry about whether they’re going to pay rent when a loyal tenant resigns. Good luck!!