What's in your freezer?

I was on the phone with J the other night and he mentioned that he made a list of all the things in his freezer to help him plan his meals for the rest of the month. Now, he’s a frugal chap (duh, of course he would be!), but this ultra-organization sounded like something I’d do! I’m surprised I’ve never taken inventory of my food before, so I thought I’d take a look into my freezer and write down all that I have for possible dinners this week.

Here’s what I found:

  • Frozen pizza
  • 4 Chicken breasts
  • 2 Salmon cakes
  • 2 Crab cakes
  • 4 Chicken egg rolls
  • Bag of shrimp
  • Stir fry mix
  • Eggplant/Zucchini mix
  • Ravioli
  • Mixed vegetables
  • Frozen bananas (just waiting for banana bread)
  • Two bags of cheese
  • Ice cream (my fave=cookie dough)
  • Homemade tomato sauce
  • Sausage
  • Green beans
  • Chicken fried rice mix
  • 2 Seasoned chicken patties
  • Fettuccine/mushroom mix

Whoa baby! If this is correct, then I have a whole month of dinner entrees in my freezer!

Hmm. I wonder what I should have for dinner tonight. What do you suggest? :)

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  • Wow that’s definitely a nice well rounded freezer.

    I think I have some homemade pasta sauce (actually a recipe from $5 dinners!), some tilipia filets, a few chicken breasts and some freezie pops (yum!…good value too).

    You have the makings for a nice chicken stir fry dinner!

  • I would use the stir fry mix (i’m assuming it’s just frozen vegetables) and a chicken breast and have a stir fry. Yum!

  • I try to do an inventory about once a month actually, I’ve found that it can really save me money.

    One trick I’ve found useful is to go to a site like allrecipes or recipezaar that allows you to search for recipe by ingredients. You just put in what you have and it will pull up a recipe for you.

    Personally, I’m seeing some shrimp fettucini in your future! Plus, I’d combine the eggrolls and stir fry for a Chinese food night, and the chicken and homemade pasta sauce for chicken parmigiana

  • Green beans in the chicken fried rice, and salmon cakes on the side. YUM. This is the kind of stuff I look forward to when daydreaming about living on my own.

  • I need to clean out my freezer and use up some things. Thanks for the reminder! I know I could not go to the store for a month if I just used the food in my cupboard and freezer!