Remember my $200 Clothing Challenge?

Yeah, me neither.

The day after Memorial day I challenged myself with a $200 budget for Kinross clothes, accessories, shoes, etc. until Labor Day. I forgot all about that challenge until searching through some of my past posts.

June: $114. 18
I don’t remember what I bought, except for two work pants at Gap that were on sale. It’s funny how at the time I think, “I must have this!!”, but one month later I can’t tell you what I purchased.

July, to date: $21.20
That’s better at least. This purchase was one adorable and versatile cotton Faithfull Dress I found at Roar. I’m not counting the $90 I spent on the running shoes. I put that into the “Hobbies” category of my budget.

That leaves me with $54.03 until Labor Day. Not much wiggle room–especially when I really want to do a little shopping this weekend at the outlets. Payday weekend is a little scary! And so is the month of August. Growing up my mom would take my sisters and me out shopping for Back to School clothes each August. We almost never got new clothes except for that month and I remember it was so amazing to look around the stores at new, beautiful clothes that I could own! I’d pick out colorful ’90s outfits to match my pink jelly shoes and orange slap bracelet. Then as I got older I’d choose the latest washed jeans and tops from stores like Abercrombie & Fitch and American Eagle in hopes to impress my cool friends after a summer apart. That delightful tradition lived on way past my adolescent years and into college and then into the real world, so that like clockwork I see the month “August” on the calendar and think, “I get to go shopping!”

I really need to change that mindset. $54.03!

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  • I’m trying to do a no-spend on clothing until I pay off my last credit card in October. It’s really hard because there are so many great buys in stores right now. What I really need is a new purse, the lining is ripping out of the huge bag I carry around. I may have to buy one out of my blow money because it’s starting to really bother me. *sigh* I’m such a girl