Weekly Report: Just Barely Survived!

Starting Balance: -$66.42
-$13.58 groceries
-$13.12 gas
+$87 from roommate
+7 ad income
Ending Balance: +$0.88

Wow, that was a a close one! But I am pleased to report that I have $0.88 left! Yipeee. I still need to pull together the July goals/budget wrap up (since today is technically still July), but so far things are looking good on the financial front. :)

Running: 9.8 miles
Monday- 3.5 miles
Tuesday- 1 mile/7 bleacher runs/strength training
Wednesday- REST :)
Thursday- 5.3 miles

TEN weeks until the Baltimore Half Marathon!

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  • i just stumbled across this blog.

    looking through your weekly/weekend updates it seems like you buy NO GROCERIES… or like $20/week. How?

  • Thanks for stopping by! Perhaps this would be better outlined more in a blog post, but essentially I average about $140 per month on groceries. I usually go to Trader Joe’s and pick up frozen things for dinners twice a month at about $50 each trip. Because they’re frozen, I don’t have to worry about eating them all right away (I hate wasted food).

    I usually go to the grocery store or farmer’s market once a week to pick up things for lunches and side-dishes for dinners. For sides: I usually stick with rice, veggies, or a bag of lettuce. For lunches: I always eat my lunch at work and that includes sandwiches (PB&J), hummus & crackers, carrots, yogurt, and fruit that I keep at my desk. Breakfast is almost always oatmeal, yogurt or smoothies.

    I also only buy things for myself (no family/significant other), and usually go out to eat with friends rather than entertaining at my apartment.

    Hope that helps! :)