July Recap

Pay $500 to debt. CHECK!

I love watching the balance decrease each month. Slowly and steadily I am inching closer to paying off this bad boy.

Save $100 to Roth IRA CHECK!
Done! I am eager for this to get a little larger so that the interest can accumulate faster now that the market is doing a bit better.

Contribute any extra income towards the Christmas Fund FAIL.
I completely forgot about contributing more towards this. Oh well, I put any extra income towards my Emergency Fund, which I think it smarter anyway.

Follow running schedule: three times a week minimum FAIL-ISH?
Overall I’m pleased with my running schedule, but I didn’t kick it into gear until half way through the month.

Start a sports league in DC CHECK!
Oh yes oh yes. I joined my very first adult sports league with some friends in Washington DC. I won’t tell you which sport or where we play, but let’s just say so far I’m having a blast.

Accomplish three things off my Warm Weather Goals CHECK!
–Planned a trip to Annapolis
–Saw the fireworks on the mall
–Joined the DC sports league
–Went to the Air and Space Museum, American History Museum, & the Natural History Museum. I felt like a tourist! :P
–Sadly, I did not lose 10 pounds by my BFF’s wedding. :( I was down by 5 pounds so that’s better than nothing I suppose.

Increase net worth by $600 CHECK!
Cha-ching! You’ll see more about this later.. ;)

Have an awesome time at A’s wedding! CHECK!
And then some! I had a fantastic time and the wedding was gorgeous. One of the best parts? I can wear the bridesmaid dress again. If you’re a bride and want a good suggestion, this is the one that A chose from David’s Bridal in black.

I spent too much on:
–Gas (all those trips)
–Gifts (all those friends)
–Auto Expense (car inspection)
–Hobbies (new running shoes)

I was under budget on:
–Groceries & Dining (yay! rarely happens)
–Personal Care (mani/pedi paid by mother of bride)
–Entertainment (harry potter didn’t cost as much as I expected)

I ended up with a balance of $0.88 at the end of the month=under budget!!! Let’s hope August is just as good to me.

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  • Way to go! Sounds like you are really on track. Double congrats for dropping 5 lbs and coming in under budget for the month.