I'm not worthless anymore!!!!

Today is a happy, happy day for me. I have finally reached the tipping point where the things I own are more than the things I owe. If I died today I would leave my family with a total of $168 as opposed to the -$13,850 I was worth this time last year. Excellent feeling. (Actually, that’s not entirely true since the retirement accounts would have to be taxed properly… but that’s something my loved ones can figure out. ;))

Here’s a nice little diagram of my net worth journey since I started actually tracking. When I first began it was -$13,850, but this is how far I’ve come since November.

Picture 1

And here’s how it’s all distributed:

Assets: $6028
Cash: $528
E-Fund: $2130.76
Future Fund: $1000
Christmas Fund: $224.48

401(k): $1750
Roth: $358

Liabilities: $5860
Debt: $5800
Credit Card: $60

Total Net Worth: $168

If I looked at this chart last year I’d probably laugh aloud. It’s been one year since I took charge of my finances and I never want to live a day when I am not conscious of my spending, savings and giving.

More Good News:
This marks my 100th blog post! I cannot believe that way back when I started this blog I’d have enough to talk about for 100 entries. Over the weekend I changed the look a bit, so please tell me what think of it. I have to say this blog has been one of the greatest accountability tools in sticking to my financial goals; so thank you to those who actually read this blog on a semi-regular basis. Your comments, suggestions and cheers have inspired me. Happy, happy day! :)

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