Weekend Report: HUMID.

Ran: Rest day :)
-$22 Gap cardigans
-$7.75 Chinese food
+$2311.53 Salary for August

Ran: 6 miles
-$10.38 Groceries to make dinner

Ran: 0 miles, but walked a lot
-$9.50 Movie ticket to see 500 Days of Summer–it was sooo good
-$6.05 Dinner downtown

Ending Balance: $2255.65

It looks like I have quite a bit of money in my account, but I assure you tomorrow it will all be depleted. I have mixed feelings about this month. I only have one trip and it’s the very last weekend, which means I need to make sure this paycheck can hold me long enough until then. I also want to buy a plane ticket to fly to Atlanta in October. So it could potentially be an expensive month or a pretty frugal one if I can allow it–I have five babysitting jobs lined up and minimal plans.

As far as the running goes, wow was it hot and humid here in our nation’s capital this weekend! I confess I didn’t run the entire six miles on Saturday because it was so hot. I was stupid and waited until noon to go out and run. Stupid! I also need to be more conscious of my eating. I have had the mindset “I just ran for an entire hour, let’s just get a bowl of ice cream.” That’s also pretty stupid. I need to eat balanced meals, drink enough water, and fuel myself with the right foods. Let’s hope I can do better this week with both running, eating and spending.

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  • Yeah I get that feeling. Workouts ALWAYS make me want to eat the fattiest, yummiest foods when I get home!