Weekly Report: Farewell Paycheck!

Starting Balance: $2255

Rent -$660
Debt -$500
Roth IRA -$100
Tithe -$150
Car Fund -$25
Ran: 1 mile

Groceries -$53.11
Mailing Fees -$30.22
Cash from ATM: -$20
Airplane ticket -$149
Ran: 6.5 miles

Charity: -$50
Dinner: -$6.14
Ran: Nada. Yoga & Strength Training

Car Insurance -$32
Wedding Gift -$34.19
Babysitting +$45 (will transfer to E-fund)
Ran: 4 miles

Ending Balance: $490.34

[insert sound of bank account gasping for air]

Poor little bank account. This Monday it was celebrating its +$2000 balance, now it sadly sits under $500. But thankfully most of the big stuff has been paid for except for a few utility bills and saving contributions. The rest is up to me to determine how well or poorly I will spend it. Oh, and the sidebars have been updated accordingly. :)

I ran a total of 11.5 miles this week, which is pretty good considering it was hot, humid and sweaty. Yes–sweaty. This week I was also more conscious of my eating habits and made sure that I ate enough of the right foods to sustain myself during those long runs. Tomorrow I’m shooting for a 7-miler. We’ll see about that.

Happy weekend y’all! :)

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  • I would be interested to learn how you got into running. I’ve thought about it, but don’t really know how to start (that sounds silly, but it’s true)

  • Way to go! I know it’s depressing to see you bank balance drop so fast, but you’ve got most of your big bills paid now.

    Also, kudos on the running. I’ve made a solemn vow to get 11 runs in this month and so far I haven’t ran a single time.

  • This is going to be totally off-topic, and I apologize (I have been reading your blog for awhile, though!) but how did you get your little “debt progress bars” that are on your side navigation?