Weekend Report: Fairly Frugal

Starting Balance: $490.34

Christmas Fund: -$30
Emergency Fund: -$75
Verizon: -$85 (internet & phone)
Metro Card: -$15
RUN: Rested :)

A while ago my DC sports team won tickets to the Nationals’ baseball game plus $20 each in “Nats bucks” to use towards food or merchandise. On Friday night three of my teammates and I went to the game and the only thing I spent was $15 to put my monthly amount on the Metro card. Score! It was a great game: the tickets were free, the Nationals won, and I had two beers @$7.50 each and a hot dog @ $4.50 so I came right underneath my $20 free limit. What a frugal evening of entertainment!

Groceries: -$20.03
Babysitting: +$60
RUN: 2 miles + bleacher sprints

I was hoping to get up early but ended

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  • I’m impressed you went out and ran at all on Sunday; it was disgustingly hot and humid. So 4.5 miles still sounds pretty darn awesome to me.

  • I did my first run in forever on Sunday and only managed 1.5 miles. And I’m signed up for a half-marathon in December! It goes without saying I’ve got to get my large butt into gear

  • Go you!!! That is AWESOME! I suggest signing up for a 5k race between now and December to give you a little mini goal. There are always so many during fall and that would be the perfect time during your training. Good job!