Little Love Vacay

I am heading out of town today after work to visit the boyfriend.
photo by sea legs snapshot

This was not in my calendar nor my budget, but a little spontaneity is good sometimes, right? ;) I am hoping that the extra income I earn this month will hold me over–especially since I’m traveling the last weekend for a wedding.

Long distance is a beast sometimes, but it’s almost worth it for moments like these: Nearly bouncing at my desk with excitement at work. Driving west into the sunset on a summer evening through the Virginia mountains. Calling him when I’m ten minutes away. Jumping out of the car and into his arms. Spending three unplanned days together.

Sorry for the gushy love post, but I miss that boy like crazy.

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  • Long distance DOES suck, but knowing that it’ll be over eventually (the long distance part) makes it bearable. I did the LD thing for THREE YEARS. Granted, we’d spend summers in the same city, but it still sucked.

    Enjoy your three days!

  • I agree with quarterlifegirl – LD totally sucks, but knowing that it’ll be over eventually makes it worth it. And the time that you have together? It’s always amazing.

    I did the long distance thing in 3 relationships, except that with all of them, we never knew if LD would ever end. I was living here, and they were living there. So of course it would never work out.

    Hope you have a fabulous time! :)

  • I’m a serial-LD relationship girl. I had a two-year relationship when I was younger that was LD. My fiance and I did the LD thing for two years as well. He now lives out here with me, but he still goes back home for extended periods of time. Right now, he’s back in Boston to see family and make some money working for his dad (he’s currently unemployed). He is also looking into the Air Force, so we’d be apart for a good amount of time while he completes his training. It’s super hard, but we’re both veterans at LD by now that it’s not too bad. And it makes being together all the more sweet! Have fun on your little trip!