Weekly Report: Short & Sweet!!

Starting Balance: $319.82

Gas -$29.85
Target -$41.67
Run: Sprints, bleacher runs

My visit to Target was one of those accidental “Whooooa, did I really spend that much??” trips. I went initially to get some more running shorts and ended up getting the shorts, a new running top, socks, underwear, and really cheap pajama shorts. I’m tired of doing laundry all the time and decided I needed some of these essentials.

Babysitting: +$45
Flexible Health Benefits: +$21
Run: 2 miles in the am

Once a week I babysit for a 10-year old boy that has aspergers and he’s just the sweetest thing ever. If anyone is looking for a cheap way to make some extra cash on the weekends or evenings: babysit. Seriously, we ate pizza, watched Wall-E and then watched a little Seinfeld after the kid went to sleep. Can it get any easier?

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