Long Weekend Report

Hooray for fun long weekends!! I had a fantastic time visiting J. We rarely see each other without some kind of agenda (like attending a wedding or hanging out with family) so we planned for an “unplanned” weekend and it was absolutely perfect. Lots of delicious food, humid-less weather, and fun times with friends. Here’s the balance to date:

Starting Balance: $314.30

+$30 survey
-$20.21 gas
-$5.41 food
-$29.89 gas
-$6.18 food

Ending Balance: $282.61

Pretty awesome, huh? Not only was the company terrific, the long weekend only cost me a total of $61.69, which just included the gas and food there and back. J promised me while I was in town he’d pay for everything. We didn’t do anything extravagant, but dining out certainly adds up, so that was very sweet of him.

The only sad news: I didn’t run… at all. *hangs head* I know–it’s bad. I ran Thursday morning for four miles anticipating a pretty lazy weekend, so at least that’s something.

My break from the world was nice, but sadly it’s time to get back to reality.

To accomplish by Friday:
-Catch up on GoogleReader (so many blogs to read/comment).
-Run every day. And a lot.
-Cook something new from a recipe.
-Update resume & portfolio.
-Clean up messy room/apt.

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  • I’m glad you had a great weekend with J. I’m missing my J too, but I have several more weeks to go before I get him back!

    I’m just curious… where did you get your nifty savings widgets that you have on the right side of your blog? I’m looking for some for mine, but I’m not sure where to look. Any help is greatly appreciated! =)

  • I’m glad you had a great time and kept the expenses low. That was nice of him to pay for everything. =D

    As for the running, don’t overwork yourself trying to make up for lost miles. Just keep to the schedule – I don’t want to have to read about any injuries! ;)

  • @Bank Girl – I wanted to comment in your journal but it only allows people with Blogger accounts to comment. Perhaps you should open up who you allow to comment. =D

    Also, here are some links to how to make the progress bars:

    Link #1

    Link #2

    Link #3 – the one that I used

  • Thanks SS4BC! I actually just posted an entry in reply in case others had the question. Those links are more helpful and I’ll add them to the post. Tehe. :)

  • Sounds like you had a great weekend. Sometimes you really do have to make a plan just to do nothing!

  • Thanks! I appreciate you answering my question and I’ll definitely open up the comments. I’d love to hear from you. You’re one of my favorite blogs to read! =)