Spending Christmas in August

So remember that little fund I add $30 to each month? The Christmas Fund? We’re going to reorganize things a little bit and call it now The Christmas Cruise Fund. :)


Last month my mom turned 50. My family asked her what she wanted to do to celebrate, but it was kind of put on the back burner since she was also undergoing chemotherapy during that time. She came up with a great idea to celebrate though: go on a cruise for Christmas! It will be a: Happy 50th Birthday/Happy 29th Wedding Anniversary/Happy No-More-Chemo/Hopefully-Cancer-Free Cruise!!

We finally booked it last night. It’s a short four-night cruise to Mexico that leaves Christmas Eve and we all decided each of us would pay our own way, since my parents don’t exactly have the funds to pay for each of us. The cost is $377, which was more than my Christmas budget, but of course worth it. I still may have a few Christmas expenses and gifts, but since I’ll be celebrating it the middle of the sea, I think it will be do-able.

I am so excited. It’s been years since we took a just-family trip. I feel like it will be the last one before significant others come into the picture… although that sounds pretty darn fun too!

My parents paid for it all upfront and said we need to pay them $150 now and then the remainder

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  • Well, that’s the amount I went over-budget on last year with $0 saved. So I figured I’d of course use budget money in November/December on gifts, but have the $300 saved as a buffer to avoid using my credit card or my E-fund. Plus I thought $30 was an attainable amount per month that wouldn’t break the bank but give me a nice fund at the end of 10 months.

  • Mexico is glorious! Congratulations!

    I commend you on working down your debt. In looking at your charts, though–if it were me, I’d take the $5300 out of the emergency fund and pay off the debt in total. Then, I’d *immediately* start building up the emergency fund again. Any time you’re paying interest to someone else, it’s a losing proposition.

  • What a FANTASTIC idea! And I agree, totally worth going over budget for. How is your mom doing, btw? I know personally how much it sucks having to watch your family members go through chemo – both my mom and my bro had cancer. It sucks! =(

    So as a family are you just deciding that the time together is the gift and thus not buying regular Christmas presents?

  • That sounds like it will be an absolute blast. You might even be making a stop in San Diego? Sometimes it’s okay to go over budget and I totally think this qualifies as a legitimate expense.