Toys for Boys & Girls

J is a pretty big gamer. He was telling me yesterday all about the new Slim PlayStation3 that is coming out: why it was great, what games he would buy if he got it, how it differed from the xbox 360, how he could possibly afford to get it, etc. etc. I feel like the older I get, the more I realize just how different boys and girls are.

Never in a million years would I ever think to spend $300 on a gaming module. I’d prefer to get a kitchen aid mixer.

If we were both given $50, he’d spend it gadgets to build a computer. I’d buy some colorful high heels.
blue heels

If we were going out for an evening of entertainment, he’d prefer a live sporting event to attend. I would choose a Broadway show or musical.

He has a DVD collection based on The Village, Braveheart, and CSI. Mine is based on When Harry Met Sally, Amelie, and Sex and the City.

When we go to a mall, sometimes I have to literally drag him out of Best Buy.
The poor guy gets lost trying to find me in Anthropologie.

Ah yes.
Boys and girls really are different.

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  • LOL. My problem is that I want both. The DS AND the KitchenAid. I could play DS while my goodies are baking in the oven! I could play more DS while slipping on my heels to go out!

  • lol. Cute post. I’d totally go for the mixer! I’ve never really understood the gamer obsession….even when I was a kid. The most I ever played was Tetris on my graphing calculator. (Wow, that really seems a lot nerdier when its written out.)

    We seem to have the same taste in things….minus Anthropologie. Actually, it just depresses me how expensive they are. With an unlimited budget, I’m sure I’d be all over it, lol.

  • I couldn’t imagine spending $300 on EITHER a PS3 or a KitchenAide… however, I would absolutely spend $300 on a new vacuum. =)

  • Very awesome post. I’m a mixture of the two. I’d rather have the new PS3 (If I didn’t already have one) but at the same time, if given 50 dollars, I’d have a hard time deciding between a new video game or a cute pair of shoes. I also spend equal time between Maurices clothing and Gamestop. It’s like…twice the money. :(

  • Really? With the exception of the sporting event (unless maybe it was hockey at my Alma mater!), I’d side with J on all of these. Although a KitchenAide would be nice, it’s not something I would buy before having some sort of gaming console in the house! And I almost always regret shoe purchases (except for sneakers or hiking boots) but I have never regretted a gadget for my computer.

    I think it’s less that guys and gals are different, and more that you and J are different! But that’s okay :)

  • Haha, I think you’re right! We are quite different. I think we agree on only the big/important things in life, and everything else differs. It’s a good thing opposites attract!

  • :) I think you just explained every relationship that I’ve ever had! I have never been into video games…and I don’t think I’m going to start now!

  • Aww, that’s too bad that you’re not into video games too… I have always been a gamer, but I play all sorts of games I would never have played with my bf… it’s fun snuggling and passing the controller back and forth. ;)

    I’m with Revanche – I want both. Nordstrom and Best Buy… in one!!! haha

  • Oh yes … I can certainly relate to this post! And I’m with you on each count (love those heels)!!! lol