Pretty Ordinary Week

– $33.41 cable
– $96.84 electric
Ran: 7 miles

– $27.59 gas
– $13.27 groceries
– $7.78 dinner
Ran: Nada

No spend day!
Ran: 4.5 miles

No spend day!
+ $28.26 for selling books on Amazon
Ran: 5 miles

Ending Balance: $131.98

This week was pretty ordinary with minimal surprise expenses, except for dinner on Tuesday night. Traditioinally I like to eat out only on the weekends, but I went out with some friends for Taco Tuesday and you just can’t pass up $0.75 tacos!

As for running, I didn’t have to babysit on Thursday (boo) so I got in an extra run in. Tomorrow I’m planning on going 8 miles. Even if I have to walk some of it, I’m determined to finish the entire thing.

To Do this Weekend:

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  • Dang girl! 7 miles!! I love running…but hurt my knee earlier this summer. My running game has not been the same since!! I’m barely up to 2 miles now and still don’t feel 100% normal in the knee area. All I can say is stretching of the IT band and strengthening the hip/outer thigh are lifesavers for the knee!!

    Enjoy your weekend. :) When’s the next one w/ the boy?

  • That’s awesome you had two no-spend days, so did I! It helps to bring lunch to work and if I have a day off during the week, I just try to stay busy with free activities (reading, cleaning, etc).