Weekend Report: Relaxing!

On Friday my weekend to do list consisted of running, cleaning & relaxing–and I’m happy to report I did all of that! After work I was a major hermit. I went to the store to pick up some groceries, came home and cleaned the entire apartment, cooked dinner, and then watched Something’s Gotta Give in my spotless apartment alone. Sometimes I just love those low-key Friday nights.

Saturday I got up early and went for a rainy 8 mile-run. I confess I didn’t run the entire time, but at least I finished! I came home and it took about three hours for me to get my energy back. I went to see Julia & Julia in the afternoon (loved it), and then hung out with some friends in the evening. Sunday was definitely a day of rest: I went to church, did a little shopping, and hung out at the apartment the rest of the evening.

Beginning Balance: $131.98

$34.26 – groceries
$9.00 – movie ticket
$6.31 – Pier One – cute sale item for apt
$6.67 – dinner

Ending Balance: $75.74

I have exactly one week until payday with $75, but I’m not too worried about it. My roommate will pay me about $100 this week for some bills and I am scheduled to babysit Thursday night. This next weekend should cost me about $100, so if I stay on track this week I should be okay.

To Do by Friday:
-Keep apartment spotless
-Update blogroll
-Spend no more than $10
-Run 15 miles

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  • Looks like you had a pretty decent weekend….
    I haven’t started this whole running yet, but i’m thinking about it.

    How do you know how far you’ve gone?