Weekend Report

Beginning Balance: $162.56

I took out $160 in cash this weekend and paid the following:

Hotel: $40
Food: $60
Parking: $10
Gas: $50

Ending Balance: $2.56

I spent exactly $160! Well, a little less than that, but I won’t count the $1.46 in coins. This weekend was FANTASTIC. Lots and lots of quality time with my family and friends. My sister is even staying with me for a few days, so it feels like the fun is extending past the weekend. I cannot believe that today is the last day of August! So crazy. My roommate should pay today me the $40 she owes me for bills, so I will have $40 extra for the month of August! I will put that into my Emergency Fund as soon as I get it.

The only negative news I have today is that I got 0 miles of running in this weekend. I know, I know. But whatever! I’m not going to stress about it… right now. ;)

Coming Soon: August Goals/Budget Recap & September Goals/Budget!

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