Farewell August!

I have to be honest: I’m very excited about saying goodbye to hot weather, humidity and August! It was a great month, but I absolutely ADORE autumn and am so excited about what the next few months will bring. But before I dive into my future goals, here’s a little recap about this past month.

Update resume & portfolio

Fail! Honestly, this will only take me an hour at the most to organize this information. I just need to sit down and do it. I’ll put it on my September goals and make sure it happens.

Spend no more than $54.03 on clothes.
Done! I spent a total of $43.12 on clothes and that included workout clothes, which really shouldn’t count. I can feel the lack of shopping though and think it’s about time to spend some hard-earned money again. Besides fall clothes are my favorite to shop for!

Pay $500 to debt.
Done! As of today, I have $5300 left to go! And soon that number will be down even more. Love it!

Snowflake any extra money to savings.
Ehh… I made an extra $225 but only $75 of it was put towards my Emergency Fund. It’s really awesome to see these extra tiny jobs that add up to a lot! Without this money, my month would certainly be a lot more stressful and my budget a lot tighter.

Spend only $55 on gifts.
Done! For some reason I always spend so much on others, but I only paid for a wedding gift that was on sale for $35 this month. Hooray!

Give the blog a little face-lift.
Done! I changed the theme. Stay tuned for more changes!

Possibly buy an airplane ticket to visit BFF in Atlanta(?)
Done! I’m heading to Atlanta in October to visit my best friend. It’s also the next time I’ll see J. It’s also the week after this formidable half marathon is finished, so I’m super excited about this trip.

Figure out a way to pay for said airplane ticket(?)
Done! Used the extra money I earned. The ticket was $150, which was used all from extra income that I made (minus the $75 that went to the E-fund).

Continue following running training schedule. And work up to Saturday runs of: 6, 7, 8, and 9 miles.
Fail. I ran a 6-mile, two 7-mile runs, and one 8-mile walk/run. I definitely need to step it up in September.

Start & finish the Twilight series.
Fail. Honestly, I am okay with failing this goal. I finished the first Twilight book… and I didn’t really like it! I know everyone else loves it, but it just seemed like the story was… “OMG I hate this town. OMG Edward is so hot. OMG Edward likes me! OMG Edward is a vampire. OMG Edward is my savior! OMG Edward, bite me!!” (Spoiler alert?)

Accomplish almost everything else on my Warm Weather Goals.
Fail. This month I made watermelon cookies, played in an outdoor sport, and grew an herb garden. But technically this list lasts until Labor Day, so I do have a few extra days to accomplish some more.

As you can tell from all of my weekly and weekend spending reports, I stayed within my budget. As for the “categories” of each budget, I was over by $46 in gas (because of the unexpected love vacay), I was over by $21 in dining (because of the traveling), and over by $0.44 in entertainment (no stressing here-saw two great movies). To make up for that, I was under budget in groceries, gifts and overestimated how much my electric bill would cost at the beginning.

All in all, August was a great month! Really awesome net worth details to come….

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  • I felt the same way after I read Twilight – and I only wanted to read it to see what all the fuss was about. However, I decided to continue with the series and so far the 2nd and 3rd books have been better. Definitely not great literature but good, fun light reading – sort of like candy for your brain!