Hello September!

Currently as I type there is a cool breeze coming from my open window and a mug of delicious pumpkin-spice coffee next to me. I am so excited–today is the first of September and it has arrived with delightful fall weather. I love it.

September Goals:

  • Update resume & portfolio. As we can see, this did not get done last month, so I’m adding it to this month.
  • Go running 4 times a week; work up to 8, 9, 10, 11-mile runs. It is crunch time! I need to step it up and get my booty into training mode. Just one serious month of training–I’ll have plenty of time to relax and chill after it’s over.
  • Pay $500 to debt. I cannot wait until this baby is paid off!
  • Figure out how to pay for the cruise. I’ve been too busy dreaming about the cruise that I haven’t thought when or how I’m going to pay for it. Oops.
  • Get oil changed in car. I am very thankful for my car and need to make sure it remains in it’s 1994 tip-top shape. I’ve also bought a car shade to help maintain the car’s interior.
  • Figure out new raise/money allocation. I got some great advice from all of you, so I need to put together my new budget and savings/debt allocations.
  • Put at least half of the extra income I get into Emergency Fund. Sometimes I need my extra income for those unexpected expenses/surprises. So if I put half of what I make into savings, I’ll be good.
  • Put together a list of fun fall things to do. Similar to my Warm-Weather Goals, I’m putting one together for autumn. Ooooh I love this season!
  • Cook at least four new recipes. This goal was inspired by watching Julie & Julia. Plus, the hot weather we’ve had didn’t really inspire me to turn on a hot oven.
  • Spend $100 on clothes. Yep, I’m putting it on my list. My wardrobe needs a major make-over. I also am not going to say “only spend $100” because if I get extra money, I’m going to buy stuff. I’ve been a good girl, I think it’s allowed.

I am so pumped about this month. I have ZERO weekend trips planned (so far) which means there’s potential for some serious savings and productivity. Let the September fun begin!

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  • Least you all jog! I need to, but it is not my favorite exercise (but does give me the trimness I like).

    Great goals.

    And i hope you will share those great new recipes!

  • Great work training for the half marathon. I’ve been really impressed by your persistence! =D

    Ah man.. is it goal time already? ;)

    Let me just lavish in my full bank accounts for a few more days…