Help Me Decide: Should I buy these shoes?

What do you think of these shoes?

ann marino

I was in DSW the other day and saw these shoes in my size for $49.99. I tried them on and they are SO comfortable. I’m in need of some brown heels for the fall. What do you think?

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  • I’m torn! If it were me, I probably wouldn’t, even though they’re super cute, and I’d be even more swayed if they’re really as comfortable as you say! Yes, I’m tempted (do they have them in a size 10? No, wait, don’t tell me!)… but I don’t have a work situation right now that they would be right for. So, for you, it’s probably a different story. But hey, if they’re comfortable… that goes a long way!

  • They’re not my style at all. But the price is pretty good if you LOVE them.

    However, my philosophy tends to be: If you have to ask, the answer is no.

  • Super cute! Do they have a darker color? I wouldn’t buy them, too many shoes already (although I’d be tempted), but if you have some leeway in your budget….go for it! Definitely use a coupon though! Oh, and your DSW rewards card. Very important. ;-)

  • As art, they are very cute. On your body? If you have chunky calves and ankles, I’d give these a pass, as it looks like the line across the top of the foot caused by the bow will not be slimming.

  • I’m not a fan of the big bow – but that’s really just a style thing.

    I would ask yourself if you think you can find a cheaper pair, that will meet your work needs, that would be just as comfortable.

  • AHH! I’m totally the wrong person to ask because I adore shoes. I’m also totally addicted to (free shipping) so that I can order several pairs in different sizes and then send back what doesn’t work.

  • I’m a newbie to your blog and just had to throw in my two cents since I love shoes! I adore the bow and the style of this shoe and could see myself wearing them . . . but if I needed brown shoes and didn’t already have a pair I’d probably go with a more simple and classic style that could be worn on a very regular basis that would go with everything. I feel like these would not be “every day” brown shoes but something you’d wear to accessorize a cute pencil skirt, or skirt suit. :-) Love the blog, by the way!!

  • If you IMMEDIATELY love them once they are on your feet and but aren’t sure due to price/whatever else… walk away (lol, no pun intended!) and if you are still thinking about them 2 days later – BUY THEM!

    That’s my philosophy on buying anything – clothes, shoes, etc :)

  • I’m with Money Maus – if you’re still thinking about them, you’ll really enjoy having them!

  • I think you should buy flats – they’re a lot cuter and I think it’ll be more comfortable. :) Plus flats won’t kill your feet if you stand for too long.