Weekly Report

What a fantastic first week of September! My older sister was in town for the first three days and we did all of the fun things sisters should do: shopping, cooking delicious food, staying up late giggling… you know the like. :) Sadly she left yesterday, but it was so fun having her here!

As for my money: I spent my paycheck on ordinary bills, groceries, gas, and also indulged in some things like new shoes and a stock pot. Since my sister was in town, running was not a priority and I’m starting to feel anxious! It’s five weeks until the race and the most I’ve done is a slow 8-mile run/walk! Oh well–I am only competing against myself so as long as I finish I’ll be happy.

This weekend I plan to get some serious things accomplish on the home front: cook some tasty meals, catch up on my blogs (sorry peeps!), hang out with friends, run a ton, clean the apartment, and relax.

Happy Labor Day weekend all!

Starting Balance: $2.41

Salary + $2240
Ran: 4 miles

Rent – $660
*Roth IRA – $100
Car – $25
Groceries – $12.09
Ran: 0 miles/yoga

Gas – $30.30
Dinner – $11
Marshall’s – $47
^I bought a delightful pot to make soups and stews in (hello autumn!) and $10 Madden Girl shoes
Ran: 0 miles

*Debt – $500
Tithe – $150
*Christmas – $30
*E-Fund – $70
Car Insurance – $32
Verizon – $85 (internet & cable)
*Babysitting + $50 (Earn More Challenge!)
Ran: 2 miles

Ending Balance: $535.02

*See the progress bars for updates!

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  • I am SO jealous that you have a sister. I just have brothers and I’ve ALWAYS wanted a sister. That sounds so fun! Lloyd has 2 sisters & they come pretty close, but of course nothing is like the real thing!!

    It’s so nice to see that you tithe. Are you very involved in a church? I don’t think I’ll be blogging about this, but Lloyd is Catholic and I don’t really have a religion, but I am converting to Catholicism & just had my first class last night! Pretty exciting!!

    Don’t worry about your break from running! I always find a nice break actually makes my workouts better!! :)

    Have a great long weekend!!! :)

  • It’s awesome that you and your sister our close. I have two sisters but we are at totally different points in our lives and don’t seem to have much in common. Sounds like you had a great visit.

    On a side not, I’m SO READY for fall to be here so I can start making soups again. Do you have a crockpot/slowcooker? If not, look into it – totally worth it and a great way to make soups.