Labor-Free Weekend

Ladies and gentlemen: I have spent more money this past weekend than I have in months.

Beginning Balance: $535.02

It started Friday night when my roommate and I ventured over to IKEA for some household things. I bought a pillow and some kitchen gadgets.

IKEA: $11.63

Saturday morning I woke up early and ran ten miles. Yep, you read that right: ten miles! :) In the afternoon I went to Tyson’s Corner and spent five hours in that mall. You read that number right too: five hours. I truly haven’t shopped in such a long time and bought things that will last me quite a while for a great price: jeans, two shirts, necklace, flower pins, birthday gift, and lunch. All for $90! Pretty good, I thought.

H&M: $23.59
H&M: $18.80
Urban Outfitters: $10.49
New York & Co.: $4.18
Banana Republic: $28.32
Panera: $4.71 (soup!)

Sunday I recovered from my run, had a super lazy morning and then finally got myself up and made some delicious dip and gelato and went to a friend’s apartment for a Labor Day get-together.

Groceries: $20.28
Beer: $6.35
Roommate’s Reimbursement +$40

Monday I went to Annapolis with some friends and spent the day walking around the delightful town. We got a late lunch at a Tavern and stopped by the Naval Academy to watch the navy boys practice football. Now tell me this isn’t the most beautiful place?

Starbucks: $3.71 (first pumpkin spice latte of the year!)
Lunch: $12.59

All in all a very relaxing, productive and expensive weekend.Let’s hope I can do a little better during the week!

Ending Balance: $430.37

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