August Net Worth: +$925

Updating my net worth is so exciting now that I’m finally in the positive! I was hoping for a $1000 increase, but I suppose $925 is a perfectly respectable number. My liabilities went down $560 from last month and my assets increased by $365, although most of that was for my retirement accounts. I would love to save more, but for now watching that debt decrease will be sufficient enough. If you’d like to see more details, click here.

If I average around $1,000 net worth increase each month, then in one year I will be around $12,000! Kind of awesome, if you ask me. I cannot wait until all the compound interest kicks in and I start to really make money.

Assets: $6,393.87
Cash: $514.57
Emergency Fund: $2210
Future Fund: $1,000
Christmas Fund: $243

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