Drumroll Please…

A while ago I asked what I should do with the additional money I’ll be receiving with my new raise at the end of September. Sadly, no one chose Option F! (Refresher: that option was “Put it all in my Clothing Fund and spend it frivolously.” Rats!). A lot of you had fantastic suggestions, and of course I wanted to use all of them. Finally, after doing a little basic math, I have come to a decision.

My decisions is to ….

Increase 401(k) & Debt Payment!

Those who suggested the closest were: Carrie, Stacking Pennies, Erin A, Julie K, and Serendipity. Thanks to all though!

I decided to put 3% of my salary into my 401(k) each month, which is about $100 of pre-taxed dollars. (My employer already contributes 3% regardless of what I do, so 6% will be added monthly.)

About $100 of the raise will be added to my take home pay and back into my monthly budget (we’ll see for sure; could be more or less depending on taxes). This $100 will then beef up my debt payment to around $600. I decided to split it this way because I feel my savings is sufficient to hold me over during this time. I cannot wait to start SAVING that $600 instead!

Here’s my excel chart of all of my payments. May 2010 has become my new favorite future month. ;)


Eight payments left until I am debt-free!

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