Weekly Spending Report: 9/11-9/18

There’s a reason why I choose to update my spending after every weekend and every work-week. I forgot to do it Monday and I feel like I have so much to catch up on! Here’s a very rough total of where I spent my moolah:

Monthly Budget:
Starting Balance: $378.37
Ending Balance: $263.28

Groceries: $50.37
Dining: $66.17
Entertainment: $8
Gas: $38.98
Clothing: $5.77 (used a $50 bday giftcard@anthropologie! got two tops and an adorable pot-holder.)

Sold a Book: +$4.20
Babysitting: +$50

Car Fund Balance:
I had some car woes this week, so here’s how the new tires were paid for. It doesn’t affect my monthly budget but will affect my overall net worth and future savings.

Starting Balance of $548.84
New Tires: -$350
Birthday Cash! +$100
Ending Balance of $298.84

Alright. I didn’t do so well this week. I was attacked by allergies and therefore didn’t feel like running very much. I did just 5 miles and two yoga sessions for me. Not good since tomorrow marks three weeks until the race!

Alright that’s enough math for me today. Weekend plans? Oh yes, I’ve got brilliant ones. It will start today when I get off of work at 4:00. I will come home, straighten the apartment, arrange some flowers, light some candles, prepare dinner, and impatiently wait for my little sister to arrive! I am SO excited. We have all kinds of fun and exciting sisterly things planned. I’ll share those with you on Monday when I return. :)

Hope you all have a great September weekend!

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  • Have a GREAT weekend with your sister! Now you’re making me wish that mine would come visit. Too bad she’s in the middle of her school year – I haven’t seen her since spring break last year!