my lovely weekend.


Starting Balance: $263.28

My younger sister arrived on Friday just as I was done cooking Angel Chicken Pasta. We had a delightful evening in of eating, drinking wine, and watching girly movies.

Groceries: $16.64
Baking dish: $10.59

Saturday we woke up at 7:30 and ran 10 miles. That’s right: on my little sister’s vacation weekend to DC she got up early and ran 10 miles with me! Well, I ran 10.5 miles, she ran about 9.5. I’m so proud of her! Then we came home, crashed for a few hours, then hit the town!

Lunch: $5.29
Dinner: $18.95
Pacers: $10.02 (bought energy jelly beans for my race)
Ice Cream: $3.70
Return: +$6.32 (returned a shirt, bought earrings @ H&M)

Whenever I have girlfriends in town, I like taking them to Annapolis because it’s such a lovely little day trip and almost feels like you’ve been transported to a European town. We rented beach bikes (for free!) and rode around the cobbled streets by the sea and through open-aired festivals. Then we picked up lunch and ice cream and ate it by the water. When we got home, our evening consisted of Friday night’s delicious leftovers, wine and more hanging out. I wish sisters could stay always!

Lunch: $5.83
Ice Cream: $3.90

Ending Balance: $182.04

Such a lovely, lovely weekend! :)

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